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My “is it really only 9:00?” face.


I won’t go into details but Jessica is missing and we have reason to believe she may be in life-threatening danger. If you have heard from her in the past twelve hours, please contact me on Kik at: thevitaminp. This is a community she trusts with so much of her heart and has shared her fears and…

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Sitting in Barnes & Noble reading the Onion’s ‘Our Dumb World’. I feel like an ass. (Taken with Instagram at Barnes & Noble)

Do ugly people piss you off? (Taken with Instagram)


Tonight I’m going to call both my grandmothers and tell them they are disgusting parasites of the good people of this land.

They don’t pay income taxes and they survive on Social Security and Medicare after working all their lives raising families and paying taxes. Bunch of useless fucks they…

I received an e-mail to join the NAPW. I didn’t even know I was female. Oh god, I hope I’m not pregnant. :(

My followers are creepier than yours. What do I win? (Taken with Instagram)

I wanted to google how many calories were in vodka and before I was half way through the first word it came up. You all are a bunch of alcoholics. (Taken with Instagram)

34 years ago today I popped out my my momma’s vagina. Scary thought. (Taken with Instagram)

MySpace just sent me an e-mail. Did I fall asleep and wake up in 1998? (Taken with Instagram)